eBook – WHAT, WHEN, and HOW to eat based on WHERE you live​ ©

(eBook about Eastern Medicine Philosophies, Fat/Protein Intolerance, Food Additive & Preservative Allergies, GMOs, Antibiotics)

It may sound magical to you at the beginning, but all the hints are in the histories of food and regional cuisines, so you will be keep saying “it makes sense!” on each chapter. Your body is simply made of what you eat, let’s be comfortable with what we put in our mouth.

The eating philosophy can also be basic family remedy cheat sheet.  When you or your loved ones are not well, instead of running to doctor’s office, you can try one or two things from the book. It’s very important to learn how to take care of your health without too much of white medicines. White medicines are great inventions and are intended to treat critical conditions, not to give out like candies to treat high blood pressure caused from poor eating habits, for example.

​Many of common conditions can be prevented by good knowledge. This is not a diet method book, it will help you to live without unnecessary pains and worries.  Your body may need some time to get adjusted but we all know that discipline is necessary to achieve something better. ​