You Only Live Once (YOLO), also We Only Have One-earth (WOHO)

What Goes Around Comes Around,  trying to achieve the real beauty with simple Habits and Homemaking.  It all began from my interests towards environmental issues in early 2000’s,  I’ve been searching, practicing, supporting what I could do for our planet. 

Although I started all to be a part of improving environment, simultaneously the act  affected  largely myself; I didn’t age badly!  I get this question often, “What do you do for anti-aging?”  I don’t like going spa, even at home I hardly spend time for myself.  All I did was small things everyday for our planet .  This is the reason I always say; What Goes Around Comes Around,  Clean Earth Clean You!

I support

  • Organic & Pesticides Free Farming
  • Biodegradable Personal & Home Care
  • Fair Trading
  • Locally Grown Produce

I am against or avoid

  • Chemical Pesticides & Fertilizer Use
  • GMOs
  • Chemically Treated Vegetables & Fruits after Crop
  • Hormone & Antibiotic Use to Farm Animals
  • Food Additives & Preservatives
  • Chemically Refined Foods
  • One Time Use Waste (Plastic Containers/ Plastic Bags)
  • Not Clear Recycling system

私達の人生は一度きり(YOLO)、地球だってたったひとつ (WOHO)


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環境汚染に繋がることをしない生活を続けた事によって、自然のサイクルで体が浄化され、老化のスローダウンに繋がっていたようです。まさに良い意味での、What Goes Around Comes Around (自分がしたことは自分に戻ってくる)、私が Clean Earth Clean You (キレイな地球はキレイなあなた)と言っている理由です。


  • 有機栽培・無農薬栽培
  • 生分解性の家事用品とパーソナルケア商品
  • フェアトレーディング


  • 遺伝子組み換え
  • 食品添加物と保存料
  • 化学農薬と化学肥料
  • 化学的に精製された食品
  • 野菜や果物の収穫後化学的処理
  • 使い捨て
  • 不透明なリサイクルシステム

Healthy, Delicious, Safe, and Kids Approved!  All from scratch Home Cooking for whom in need of special attention to what they eat.  Common food allergies are widely known and there are understandings in societies, but what about sensitive reactions to food additives and preservatives?  Our kids also suffered a lot from animal fat intolerance which makes them to get sick by eating meat & animal based produce.  Luckily they’ve been gradually growing out and it took 10 years to reach this point, although they still need quality and quantity attentions  on weekly basis.

I could have eliminated all animal products from kids’ diet during this 10 years and simply be a vegan family, but I decided to leave the options to them, in stead I teach them, not decide for them.

Based on this background, all my recipes had been developed; mixture of ideas from Vegan,  Lacto-Ovo, and mostly plant based.  (I would like to note kindly that although I highly respect Veganism, I am not a Vegan nor practicing complete Veganism. )  As much as creating recipes is important to me, food sustainability from many perspectives is also my top priority when it comes to cooking for my family, as stated in “Sustainable Lifestyle” section above.

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Cooking and Homemaking sounds very much domestic but how I started all  was from being an architectural interior designer in New York City.  The career planted a bigger vision of environmental issues in me, which made me to think what individuals can do.  With perspectives of sustainability, I love talking about architecture, design, art, and culture, hope you enjoy and find some interesting observations.