Sustainable Lifestyle Specialist / Author / Interior Designer (U.S. certified)

Hello! I’m a mom of two fun boys who were bored at school and decided to be homeschoolers at the end of their lower grades. And I have been an environmentalist since early 2000’s. All from scratch cooking has been a large part of my long years of sustainable living practice; learning how to select safe produce and the fact of what exactly in the foods we buy. I’ve also spent a lot of time studying Eastern Medicine Philosophies, the relationship between food and human body, and the power of nature which made me a fermented food nerd.

I used to be an Architectural Interior Designer in NYC. In case you are curious what kind of work I was doing; I mainly worked on high end projects like large offices for financial, law, insurance, and IT firms, also residential, restaurant, and retail space. See, I love design and art, anything creative!

What’s my concept?

Good living behavior. WHAT GOES AROUND COMES AROUND, you always pay attention to support Earth to stay clean,  you can simultaneously be clean.  We get detoxified based on Nature’s Cycle, meaning that you stay young and healthy. 

Being young and healthy isn’t only for yourself but for your family and the society.  Have you thought of who would help you if you became ill? What about the medicare and tax?  Healthier the individuals are, healthier the society would be. It’s up to us what type of snow balls we are rolling together, right? 

Being healthy isn’t enough for some, being fitted and beautiful is a big thing in the market.  I don’t disagree, just again, how you achieve is the key.  I’m in a midlife and absolutely can tell the differences between selfish beauty and the beauty earned by caring.   Scary, but it shows!  ​If you got some interests in my concept, I would be happy to share some stories with you that continues below.

How I got involved in the sustainable living

Supporting and learning about organic farming, food additives, GMOs, biodegradable, and anything relates to sustainable/ ethical lifestyle prior to having children was from my pure interests.  In late 1990’s, I was enjoying yoga lessons in NYC learning detoxifying mind & body for the first time and  got a big interest in Ayurveda. 

In early 2000’s, started having strong interests in green architecture & products as a high profile corporate designer.  Then in late 2000’s, my interests took a big step to be practical after finding out that both two kids got food additive reactions and mild fat malabsorption.  On top of that, my first son had such a horrifying experience of side effects from white medication. I decided to extend my learning further.

How I went through the problems I faced

​Seeing little kids suffer was heart breaking, I wanted to do everything I could do. Listing up nutrition facts on paper didn’t do anything, I needed to know the real positive and negative food benefits to human bodies.  As my studying getting deeper, Eastern Medicine Philosophies made more sense to understand how body naturally works.  Yet more I experiment, more questions arise.  Some work and some don’t, same method works one day but not on other days.

As a result, I ended up mix n’ match knowledges of Chinese Medicine, Japanese modified Chinese Medicine, Korean modified Chinese Medicine, Macrobiotic, and Indian Ayurveda, plus Ying Yang philosophy all together. I am not saying I’m a master of all, but kids are surviving, and saved myself from several sever health conditions.  

Because of the intense experiences, I’m now very comfortable to approach and introduce eating habits from WHAT, WHEN, and HOW to eat, based on WHERE you live ©.  Doesn’t it sound amazing?

It is a knowledge and a habit building that you can pass on to generations. Eastern Medicine Philosophies are all from thousands of years ago, why not to pass another thousands of years.  If many families could share the basic knowledge, eventually less people rely on Medicare. More serious patients can receive medical treatments prior. You know what it is, many hospitals in developed countries are flooded with modern disease patients.  Individual little efforts could turn to bigger things.

Thank you for reading through!

Congratulations! You are the one of few scrolled down till here!  I will try to write things I’ve learned as much as I can and want my sons and everybody to carry on. 

Cheers to Earth, Foods, and Designs!