Do You Know What You Are Eating?

It’s a fully illustrated 30-page children’s book, perfect for readers from Kinder to all ages. It will help everyone to understand the environmental emergency of what “Plastic Wastes” do and encourage them to refuse and reduce plastics.

Think with KIDS about Truth of Plastic Waste and Nature’s Cycle

DO YOU KNOW WHAT YOU ARE EATING? is very original, not commercial targeted picture book, I made it on my own. Story is unique and realistic, focuses lots of “whys” of children, and based on the conversation with my children while we were making the mind-map of plastic pollution and nature’s cycle.

How to deliver the message “It’s all about YOU”?

Without stimulating younger children’s anger towards “bad” grown ups, without asking for sympathy towards “poor” animals, this book will make them realized that you are the part of everything. YOU are causing pollution, YOU are the poor suffering animal, and YOU need to do what YOU can do.

As the story goes backwards, the food loving boy, Judson, leads and approaches children through what he finds out about food from grocery bags.

The story ends with questioning children. There’s no DOs and DON’Ts list. Let them think what they can do, and let them actually do what they want to do. I’m sure they would come up with variety of interesting ideas!

Come back to this website anytime or whenever children reacted to “DO YOU WANT TO KNOW WHAT YOU CAN DO?” on the back cover.

You’ve got Japanese friends? Recommend Japanese translated version ねえ、なにたべる? to your friends and families!