Environmental Sustainability Education in Early childhood

Healthy kids need Healthy Earth! Old (and bad) habits are hard to change in the later life, let your children begin their life with good habits.

♠ Picture Book ♠

do you know what you are eating?

is a fully illustrated 28-page children’s book, perfect for readers from Kinder to lower graders and surely for their parents /educators, too. It will help younger children to understand the environmental emergency of what “Plastic Wastes” do and encourage them to refuse and reduce plastics.

In this book, the story goes backwards, the food loving boy, Judson, will lead and approach children through what he finds out about food. What’s so different about this book is that the story doesn’t try to attract children to be sympathetic towards poor animals dying by pollution caused by human, nor be ethical in global humanity issues. Why? This type of approach works for some caring children but doesn’t appeal to all because it is still somebody else’s problem. It’s same to grownups who concern less, too. This book is all about “you”, not some animals, not someone in other countries, not somewhere else.

The story ends with questioning children. There’s no DON’Ts list. (Kids hates word “Don’t” because they have enough of them already!) Let them think what they can do, and let them actually do what they want to do. They would come up with variety of interesting ideas. Children can visit this website anytime to check if their ideas were great or to find out more about what they can do.

♠ Pre-Sale Special ♠

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So, you Finished Reading the book. Have you checked the back cover?

Awesome! I’m sure you “want to” know what you can do. Click below to find out!

♠ Mind Maps ♠

Developing Mind Maps together with children is one of the greatest way to observe how much they are understanding things they’ve learned through their daily life. It takes much more time with drawing and coloring than just teaching, but the slow time creates opportunity for children and parents/ educators to exchange deeper thoughts. They may surprise you by combining their knowledge from books they’ve read and researches they’ve done on their own.

“PLASTIC MIND MAP” Created by Gusten & Judson 2019

Although it turned to be a Cycle Map of plastics rather than Mind Map, it was wonderful exercise. Started from the grocery bag in the center, and ended up coming back to the grocery bag. It’s not easy to convince and change stubborn grown-ups’ minds and habits, but kids are pure. They even raise their voice without hesitation at stores, “Mommy, I don’t wanna buy this because it’s in plastic containers!” Let them “REFUSE” plastics from early age.

“GMO MIND MAP” Created by Gusten & Judson with help of mom 2017

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