Healthy kids need Healthy Earth! Old and bad habits are hard to change, let your children begin their lives with good ones. How to teach young children about climate change, plastic waste issues, and all other sustainable lifestyle? Learn together with your children here! The approach of kiwamiLIVING’s Environmental Children’s Book is unique and realistic, and to focus lots of “whys” of younger children. Stories are inspired by the actual conversations and illustrations are also drew during our homeschooling.

健康な子供を育てるには、健康な地球は大前提。 沢山ある環境維持に関する事を、どうやって子供達に教えようか? 年々変化する地球環境の情報を、親自身も一緒にアップデートしながら、日常会話に取り入れていきます。そのひとつの手段として選んだのが、絵本で環境の変化を理解する事。kiwamiLIVING のオリジナル絵本は、環境維持を題材にした 、現実的かつユニークなストーリー設定、そして小さな子供達の、沢山の「なんで?」に焦点をあてています。ストーリーは、我が家の子供達との、実際の会話から生まれ、イラストもその時に描いたものです。

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Developing Mind Maps together with children is one of the greatest way to observe how much they’ve learned through their daily life. It takes more time involving drawing and coloring than just teaching, but it creates the quality time and opportunity for children and parents/ educators to exchange deeper thoughts. Just assign them a topic word, they will spend a few hours filling up a paper. They may surprise you by combining their knowledge from books they’ve read and researches they’ve done on their own. ♠ 子供は教えられるよりも考える事が一番。環境維持について自力で考えてみる。自由に描けるマインドマップは、まさにそこを刺激します。やり方は、たった一つ題材を与えるだけ。子供達は知っている限りの情報を絵にして、関連性を矢印で繋げていきます。絵の方に没頭してしまったり、普通に教えるよりも時間は掛かるけれど、それがかえって、ゆっくり考えて意見を交し合う時間になったり。予想以上に、子供達は色々な事を理解していると、発見することもできます。


My boys spent kinder and a few lower grades at regular schools, then shifted to Homeschooling. They follow the basic American grade-based curriculum as well as subjects I select, and spend time on their own projects. They tell me what they want to do, get an approval from me, and that’s it! I overview the safety and appropriateness, and support for trouble shooting.

What kind of projects did they do?

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I also homeschooled them for their pre-school years. My older boy was eager to go “school” when he turned 2, watching yellow school buses go around the town. So why not, we sent him to a pre-school. And he wanted to quit just after one semester, as it wasn’t a school according to him, he felt it was a baby class.

How did kids and I spend time in Pre-school years?

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Parenting is so much about of try & error… I repeatedly remind myself to be understanding, flexible, and creative whenever I felt like I’m not good enough for my precious (and crazy) little ones!

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ただでさえママ業というのは、トライ&エラーの繰り返し。。。柔軟性をもって、子供達をよく理解する! と何度も自分に言い聞かせながら、多文化&多言語、ギフテッド、究極に自由なボーイズを相手に、教育とは?を考える日々のブログ。

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