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I believe you’ve heard of K-Beauty in these ten years. Even long before 20years ago, there was an early sign that Korean cosmetics would start kicking the world.

近所のオリーブヤング (韓国のコスメ/ドラッグストア) へ、ビタミンCとDHAサプリを買いに。

I was busy checking the latest NY & LA trends back when I was living in New York, but I remember being surprised seeing a large Korean cosmetic brand store opened on 5th Avenue.

In Korea now “OliveYoung” is the most powerful cosmetics/drug store chain, they carry a variety of products for beauty care.

I just stopped by a branch in my neighborhood yesterday to buy Vitamin C and DHA supplements, I came home with two gift boxes filled with the ✨Latest K-BEAUTY✨ Product samples!

Don’t they look lots of fun? One box is all about beauty supplements, the other is skincare products. I don’t know which one to try first!

Korea is famous for giving out a variety of samples/gifts at all types of stores; from a set of instant noodle bags to full-size laundry detergents, airtight food containers, mug cups, bags, and so many things that you can’t imagine. (As you may have guessed, I don’t need any of those most of the time, so I hardly take free gifts home😆)









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