Korean Cold Noodles BIBIM-GUKSU【韓国】夏の麵料理ビビムグッグス

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Seoul had about two chilly weeks since mid-August, half feeling relieved, half missing the strong sunshine. But this week, we just had a few summer days back.










So, BIBIM-GUKSU, a Korean spicy cold noodle, is a nice way to end the summer. (I like having this dish in all seasons though.)

My BIBIM-GUKSU is totally original yet still tastes very Korean. I use my fermented vegetables and brine for the dish instead of plain rice vinegar.

My husband asks me where and how I learned this kind of Korean cooking. I learned and got inspired from food histories as usual.

There were varieties of making the dish as people used to fix it at home in the time when they made their own Gochu-Jang, each home had its own styles.

But not anymore. The instant bag Bibim-Myun hits the No.1 sales in the large-scale supermarkets throughout the summer months, and stores serve it with horrible pre-mix MSG sauce.

Gochu-Jang is a fermented paste made with red pepper and rice syrup. It sounds like a lot of work, right? Supermarkets in Korea are filled with factory-made packaged Gochu-Jangs but not a single of them is free of MSG and all different kinds of additives are used.

Korea has such an interesting and beautiful food culture historically, all the instant foods are ruining it all.Younger generations (even including my age group) don’t know the real tastes of wonderful Korean food.

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