The “IT” Strawberry Shortcake クリーンないちごショートケーキ


Very simple straightforward Strawberry Shortcake for my younger boy’s birthday. Only six ingredients; eggs, sugar, flour, vanilla extract, heavy cream, and strawberries. 最高にシンプルないちごのショートケーキ、次男のバースデーケーキリクエスト。材料たった6つ、マミーの「クリーン」ないちごショートケーキをお腹いっぱい食べるんですって!

He is very clear about what and how he likes things, he calls it “clean” Strawberry Shortcake that he can eat the amount.

He says store-bought strawberry shortcakes give him the greasy sugary feeling with strange after taste, which always makes him disappointed.

About the strange aftertaste, you get it if you are very sensitive. The source is the cream. The honest real cream is rarely used in any cakes and ice creams out there, they’re all made with artificial manmade oil (ex, soybean and corn oil).

You see, he is that serious Strawberry Shortcake eater! This cake is quite large and tall, he ate one-third of it at once with joy.




写真では分かりづらいけれど、このケーキ、長さ30cm高さ15cm! なかなかの大きさです。次男は幸せそうな顔して、いっきに1/3完食。しかもディナーの後に!

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