Where My Homemade Yogurts Are 自家製ヨーグルト、ひっそり発酵中


My yogurts never had a chance to appear in the pantry pictures but they’ve been always in the same room. 可哀そうに、パントリーの写真に登場する事のない自家製ヨーグルトたち。いつも左側の棚でひっそりと発酵中。

On the other side of the wall, I set a traditional heat bag in a cooler box to maintain the perfect temperature for fermentation that requires warmer than room temperature. That’s where my yogurts stay till they move to the refrigerator.

I dislike having too many one-purpose Kitchen electronics /appliances although the Japanese are famous for creating gadgets for every single purpose; from bread baker, rice cooker, mini-oven toaster to yogurt maker.

Honestly, I’m always curious how often people clean the machine inside out. Most of the lids aren’t even washable because of the electronic connection.

People call me a neat freak, but you know that I love raising all different kinds of germs in my kitchen!





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