Power Cookies パワークッキー

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Power cookies made with rolled oats, hemp seeds, flax seeds, and almonds. オート、ヘンプ、フラックスシード、アーモンドのパワークッキー。

One of the top-pick snacks for my husband, as he (finally) decided to go on diet this year. He needs to avoid taking visits to pick unhealthy snacks as much as possible.

The thing is that he loves eating both healthy homemade foods and junk foods.

Korean streets are filled with so many eateries, cafes, and all types of food pick-up places. Smells are very attractive, it’s hard to walk around without peeking at them.

It’s a really fun place for visitors, though hell for dieters!





私がいつも言っている事、今まで聞いていなかったの?!と呆れちゃったけれど、これで少しは聞く耳持ってくれるかな。Better than never、夫婦なんてそんなものよね。相手を変えることは出来ないけれど、変わろうとしている時に手を差し伸べるくらいで丁度良い!

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