The Hyundai Seoul 【韓国】ザ・ヒュンダイ・ソウル


Although for a while the news had been all about stores closing down, now that eateries are allowed to be opened till 10pm in Seoul, ……. 社会的距離確保規制が厳しいソウルでも、やっと夜10時までお店の営業ができるようになってから数週間。

the largest mall/ department store/ hotel in the Seoul metro area has just opened its door at the end of February, called The Hyundai Seoul.

I, as an architectural interior designer, needed to check it out on the opening weekend. It is by the British architect Richard Rogers. You may have spotted his signature red accents used on his designs in various locations.

It was also my Birthday weekend! 2021 is my zodiac year of Ox, it’s a great time to look back on my history (which usually I don’t), partially to be shared on stories.





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