My Fussy Sourdough Starter ご機嫌斜めの酵母種

My SD starter has been fussy in our new place, now I think she’s settled and fine now. 韓国では11月に入ってから社会的距離確保レベルがじわじわと上げられてきたと先日お話しましたが、12月にも既に2度変更、とうとう今日からはソウルとソウル近郊での5人以上の集まり禁止!ですって。

I’ve been baking almost every day ever since my boys were born, but my starters had never be named like others. Why? Because my boys are jealous!!😆 They talk back, talk like big men, or whatever boys do, but they’re still mama’s little ones in their heart. 💖 They say that I can’t call it my baby…. so she’s nameless.

I deeply wish all my friends in the world to have a safe holidays. Not bad as Europe, yet Seoul area hasn’t been good this month, either. From today, meetings are strictly limited with five people or less throughout the first week of New Year. But we’re good. We always enjoy staying home!




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