Pre-Christmas German Stollen 少し早めのシュトーレン

Pre-Christmas Stollen made with sourdough starter discard. クリスマスまで待てないボーイズの為に「プレクリスマス」シュトーレンを焼いてあげたら。。。

See? That’s all left in mess if I picked just one phone call for 20 minutes! 😆

I don’t use candied fruits for many reasons, our favorite fruits to put in my Fruit Bread are raisin, diced cooked apples, and Korean dried persimmons which are so tangy and sweet.😋

I wish, one day, to visit Dresden in Germany, the origin of stollen. Because making stollen every year makes me to remember that I’ve worked on interior design projects for Dresdner Bank in NYC for a while.




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