Air-Fried Chicken エアフライドチキン

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揚げ物苦手な私なので、油殆ど無しのエアフライドチキン。韓国に住んでいても味付けは唐揚げ😄 Any K-Drama fun out there? It’s been several years living in South Korea, and because of the K-entertainment success, I get many questions about K-drama.






Have you seen Korean Fried Chickens? Yeah, the deadly red and hell spicy looking ones. Even you order ”mild”, it’s still way too much for me and my kids! So we eat Japanese Karaage which is one of my husband’s favorite Japanese foods at home. Two days marinated and they are air-fried.

In Korea, people eat spicy fried chickens with cubed sweet pickled radish. My air-fried chickens aren’t spicy, so we replace them with my sour fermented radishes.

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