Mini Homemade Ricotta Cheese 自家製ミニリコッタチーズ

What are your favorite ways to use in your dish?😋 Baking like I added to my cheesecake? Over fruits and salads? In the layers of lasagna? Or, the way it is with crackers?自家製ミニリコッタチーズ、先日のベイクドチーズケーキタルトにも使用しています😋

Till my boys grew out of their animal fat intolerance, Homemade vegan milk and vegan cheese were my kitchen’s essentials. They suffered from pains and discomfort from several different reactions, they could eat meat only a few times a week for more than ten years. That was the reason that I had more vegan treats posts on IG earlier.

It took a little longer for my older boy to grow out than the younger boy, but luckily and finally, significant changes were observed throughout the year 2020.

My boys were introduced to vegan alternates in the very early stages of their lives, they understood both concepts; their intolerance issues and veganism out there. The long journey was precious yet I didn’t try to narrow their diet options to the only vegan. Because that’s their own choice in the future.

Currently, they enjoy every kind of meals excepting foods high with additives (they also get reactions from additives) and I feel a small achievement as a mom🎊






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