The “True” Homemade Baked Cheesecake Tart クリームチーズまで自家製!チーズケーキタルト

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Baked Cheesecake Tart for my older boy’s birthday 🎉 He doesn’t like ice creams or cakes with creams, only the exception is a good plain cheesecake. 引越し早々長男のお誕生日。クリームがのったケーキやアイスクリームが苦手な彼が、唯一好きなのはチーズケーキ。なので、映えない素朴なベイクドチーズケーキタルト🎉

It’s “really” homemade. The cream cheese and ricotta cheese used for this tart is homemade, too!

You know that cream cheese is not a real cheese, the processed food created in U.S. and the big part of it is additives like thickeners and stabilizers, the cause of food additive allergies/reactions.

So I make my own additive free cream cheese-like fresh cheese. I got inspired and came up with the method of making it while I was reading about history of central Asia and the Middle East. I tweaked and tried several times till the flavors achieved similar to Cream cheese. What a nerd! you thought🤓 It is even fermented and a great probiotic food but different method from Quark/Tvorog. There’s no name for this cheese, so I just call it kiwami cheese😆

Another reason I make my own ricotta and cream cheese. You guessed it right, reduce the use of plastic containers!





作り方は中央アジアや中東の古代歴史について読んでいる時にひらめいて、何度か試してみて出来た物なので、それこそ名がないチーズ。しかも自然発酵させる為、プロバイオティック食品になって体に良い!近いところで北欧のクオルクやポーランドとロシアのTvorogとも作り方が違うから、kiwami チーズと名付けちゃおうっと🥳


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