Plain Yogurt

Pros of making yogurt home is often said the freshness and safety in terms of additive contents. But there are more, here are “my” reasons why Yogurt should be homemade!

  1. No plastic containers are involved. I buy milk in a paper carton, and homemade yogurt to be stocked in glass jars. (I bet you’ve guessed it!)
  2. Serving size/ container size can be chosen based on your preference. Yogurt could pick smell from other things in the fridge easily, keeping the leftover in store-bought plastic container destroy the flavor.
  3. Homemade yogurt has a longer life for whatever the reasons. It won’t go bad for a long period of time.
  4. It’s so easy to make. Nothing special needed. I don’t own a yogurt incubator, either. I like my kitchen to be very simple.
  5. Super active probiotics are good for your health and beauty.
  6. Taste? Great, no doubt! Both eating the way it is and using for cooking, it is one of the essentials in my fridge.

Published by kiwami

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