Seasoned Authentic Chinese Wok

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Ever since I started making ”absolutely additive-free” American style Chinese food at home, the Chinese dinner day has been increasing. 完全無添加のアメリカスタイル中華、主人が相当お気に召した様子。だって、特大の中華鍋が中国から届いた!

Out of three boys, I guess the biggest one really loves the food. He ordered the huge authentic wok from China! I have many pots and pans but I never owned the authentic wok.

It’s funny when we were in NY, we saw tons of Chinese tool stores in Chinatown, but now in S.Korea so close to China, there is no one store sells it online.

You have to season a pure steel wok properly, and here it is. When it’s heat-treated, the original light silver color turns black with a blue tint.

It’s been great, sounds like Chinatown (you know the steel sound), and taste like Chinatown!





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