Naturally Refined Coconut Oil: What Is It? Why & When To Use It?

You’ve seen that I use “Naturally Refined” Coconut Oil often in my RECIPES. Have you been curious why I use it instead of other vegetable oils? There are huge reasons why.

First of all, Coconut oil comes in two types; “Virgin” Coconut Oil that is not refined so is full of natural coconut fragrance, and “Refined” Coconut Oil that is treated to remove the distinctive fragrance.

Now, the “Refined” part is the trick. The cheaper ones are treated with chemical substances to remove the flavor and fragrance. Obviously easier and faster to produce.

“Naturally Refined” means that oil is not refined chemically, which is better for your health and flavor if you are sensitive.

One more very important thing to know when you choose oil is the Smoke Point. To make long/difficult story short/easy, oils get oxidized when heat involves. Each oil has different characteristics and smoke points meaning that some can be oxidized with lower heat vs some hold high heat.

Oxidized oil is really bad for you. We all jump on “Anti-Oxidant” food, right? No matter how much you intake anti-oxidant foods, drinks, supplements, if you aren’t careful about the type of oil you are cooking with, all waste. You age faster, skin and muscles turn soggy!

Good thing is that Naturally Refined Coconut Oil has one of the highest smoke points which is perfect for baking and any cooking using high heat.

My favorite Naturally Refined Coconut Oil is from Nutiva. I’ve been using it for many years. Great for cooking Asian dishes which often require simmering a long time, too. I even use this high-quality oil to care/oil my bamboo cutting boards that I use every day. They are at least 15 years old already, still in great condition!

Lastly, just a reminder, most of fragrant-free cooking vegetable oils like canola, corn, soybean oil are 99% chemically refined. (I left 1% out in case, but I never seen naturally refined ones out of those vegetable oils.) Oxidized chemically refined oils can cause a serious negative impact on your system. I and my children get sick or allergic reactions from consuming these in a large amount. The most noticeable example is cupcakes and muffins. The moisture they are, the more vegetable oil used.

On top of the reason, these oils are mostly GMO products unless it’s clearly stated Non-GMO on the ingredient list. So, forget about it!

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