Chicken & Broccoli, the King of American Chinese Food! アメリカ料理?チキン&ブロッコリー

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And one of our favorite American Chinese dishes. アメリカンスタイルチャイニーズの定番、チキン&ブロッコリー。

What we don’t see here in South Korea is authentic Chinese and American style Chinese food. Yes, we could travel easily (before covid19) to nearby cities like Macau/ HK / Taiwan to eat authentic Chinese food but not this.

We had a few favorite noMSG Chinese restaurants in NY/NJ, and we miss the taste so much. So the only way was to make it at home ever since we moved.

Thanks to The Woks of Life we can eat exactly what we like, their website has “American Chinese Takeout” recipes. Yes! Yes! What a lifesaver!



本場も日本も近いから食べに行こうと思えば直ぐだけれど、これはね。作るしかない! 細長い香のあるお米も取り寄せです。


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