Fresh Bamboo Shoots 【韓国】ソウルでは珍しい生筍

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Have you cooked fresh Bamboo shoots? 主人が、「筍売ってるのを見た!」 と言うので買ってきて貰いました。

You may know them from Chinese dishes but we use bamboo shoots a lot in Japanese cooking, too.

Bamboo shoots are one of the Umami content vegetables. To cook them straight out of skins or ferment raw, they need to be extremely fresh just picked from bamboo forests.

If not, they should be boiled for an hour to get rid of stingy bitterness. I’m doing it so today with these shoots because I didn’t go bamboo shoot picking! My husband found them at a street vendor.

My great grandfather owned a large bamboo forest in Japan and I remember going there to pick shoots in May with my grandfather.

Bamboos grow very fast, you need to aim the perfect morning that shoots to be just out of the soil. If missed, they become green tough bamboo!




持ち帰った大量の筍を母が茹でている時、何故か皮で梅干しを包んで、「昔のおやつ。味見してご覧」 と言われたような。何だったんだろう?今度母に聞いてみよう。

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