Sweet Large Black Soybeans 【韓国】黒豆違いでした

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A very traditional, simple, and delicate dish of Japan. 韓国の黒豆で甘煮の何故?

This bean dish is especially included in the new year’s feast, so it has to be very pretty.

Prepare them gently to avoid any damages, keep each bean fluffy and shiny…

Actually, I meant to order small black soybeans for another purpose but the large ones were delivered. I guess I ordered wrong due to my language mistake in Korean, which happens a lot to me!

So the plan has changed and I made this Japanese dish.



まあでも、丹波黒大豆と言えば甘煮でしょう!と、せっかくふっくら炊いたのに、「甘い大豆なんて嫌だ」 って、誰も食べてくれない。

2kg もオーダーしちゃった。。。当分私のおやつになりそう。

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