【Citric Acid】 Homemade Sustainable Cleaning Spray

The Simplest, odorless, and economical! Find out how to use, where to use, and how to make your own biodegradable cleaning spray.

The most common natural homemade cleaning spray is made with vinegar or lemon. And I totally have issues with both of them.

I don’t like vinegar because of its smell. Blending essential oils is often recommend to camouflage the vinegar smell. But really? Nothing beats the strong vinegar smell, and mixing vinegar and essential oils makes it even worse, totally not a great marriage.

Lemon smells good, but the pesticides / anti-mold used on the skin should be highly concerned. Organic lemons aren’t always available, and they usually are costly! Let’s say using only lemon juice, unfortunately, it leaves a sticky residue.

What you need is high acidity to disinfect bacteria naturally, so I use citric acid. Zero odor. As you know citric acid is used for preserving food, you don’t need to add alcohol as a preservative like when lemon is used.

My spray is the original recipe in terms of the ratio of citric acid and water. I’ve tested different ratios multiple times to make sure the spray won’t damage interior finishes.

What does it mean? If your countertops and floor are the real natural stones (ex. Marble, Granite), citric acid can damage them. You know the science, stones are base, the alkaline. So, never think more is better, little citric acid does enough job.

Homemade Biodegradable Cleaning Spray Recipe



  1. Place citric acid in the empty bottle, pour 250ml warm water (about 40℃) and stir to dissolve the powder.
  2. Add rest of 250ml water at room temperature and shake well.
  3. Add mint essential oils if you like.

I do non-fragrance for kitchen and mint mixed for bathrooms.

The Use

The reasons for using CITRIC ACID is getting rid of base buildups and disinfecting.

Use it as a disinfecting cleaner in the kitchen;

Counter Tops / Faucet / Cabinet Surface / Induction Cooktops / Stove Tops / Oven / Microwave Oven / Dining Table / Floor (Note that Citric Acid won’t clean oil and protein. Use Sodium Bicarbonate cleaning spray.)

Use it as a disinfecting and soap scum cleaner in the bathrooms:

Counter Tops / Faucet / Mirrors / Cabinet Surface / Toilet Seats, Lids, & Handles / Glass Doors & Partitions / Floor

Spray and wipe out with cleaning cloth. For mirror, try not to spray too much, it will leave foggy film otherwise. For the shower glass door, spray a lot especially if soap scum occurring and let it stand for several minutes, wipe with cleaning cloth. This works well on shower head clogging if you live in hard water area.

Best Cleaning Cloth

T-Shirts / Sweat Shirts & Pants / Socks / Towels / Anything Cotton

Never paper towels! Reuse and Reduce waste!

Grab items that you and your family don’t wear and scissor them in pieces. Stock them in any containers and place them in the kitchen and each bathroom.

I rather buy new T-shirts often than paper towels that have only one-time use. This way, your closet won’t have old piles that occupy unnecessary space! The best part is that fabrics pick dirt and wipe clean much better than paper.

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