Drive-Thru Coronavirus Test in S.Korea (See the Video!)

All the coronavirus designated hospitals are filled up and people aren’t allowed to visit other hospitals, but number of infected citizens are increasing.

So, what should we do?

I was shocked seeing a CNN reporter visiting a drive-thru coronavirus test site. That’s right, you don’t get out of car, just stick your head out.

What a great idea! This way, you don’t receive virus if you don’t have one, and you don’t give out if you’ve already had one.

This CNN reporter has tested himself at the drive-thru.

It seems like that there are several sites had set already, this particular site is located in a city near Seoul, called Goyang, known for the “Hanryu” (Korean movies and K-pop culture) world among the tourists.

See the CNN Video >>

I know that the speed of virus spread is rapid here but this is because of the abnormal fault activities of the cult religious group, not South Korea itself had reacted slowly.

As soon as we had the outbreak news in January, everything was reacted and treated very fast based on our daily life.

Office buildings (as I know only Gangnam Area from my husband’s story) began fever check at the entries, his office is giving out one month stock of masks to each employees, sanitizers are everywhere (even in each elevators in our apartment building has a bottle next to buttons), all the facilities, gym, and playground in our apartment compound had disinfected.

People are working really hard. Of course doctors and nurses are doing everything they can do, a voluntary student created and has been updating super detailed corona-map, overtime work for delivery workers (people don’t go big supermarkets to avoid crowd)…..

I don’t have complaints and am thankful to the efforts people are making.

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