How To Protect Yourself From Unexpected Virus Throughout A Year

I know, this coronavirus craze is very scary to many of you, but have you been afraid of seasonal flu which comes around every single year? It always is a surprise and should be as scary as coronavirus. These several years, flu began to burst even in unexpected season, too.

So, regardless it’s talked about in world news or not, we need to be well prepared throughout a year. How?

You all have read already; wash your hands often, cover yourself when you cough or sneeze, avoid crowds…… But no matter what you do, you can’t eliminate 100% chances of virus’ contact, meaning that we are all exposed to virus some way. So, what is the difference between people who get ill and who don’t?

The strength of immune system is, the ability to fight viruses. I’ve talked about how to increase good germs (probiotic) in your body to fight against virus in the past post.

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Another important thing is how you clean your environment daily. You don’t want to eliminate all the germs in your home. I don’t use “Anti-Bacterial” household products regularly. These products are to use in office or public spaces where you don’t know if it’s safe, on special virus occasion when you need to treat suspected patients or clean after them, and around new born babies who aren’t immune to outside world yet.

We are surrounded by countless germs, and good germs in our body need to practice kicking bad ones out. Anti-Bacterial products eliminate too much, even worse, anti-bacterial soaps and detergents drained down to rivers, seas, and oceans will kill good germs in the nature. Guess what would happen when nature’s cycle don’t function as it supposed to be. Unfortunately, it’s already happening.

So, as long as no one is sick with dangerous virus in your home, basic and natural cleaning is ideal.

And make sure not to take antibiotic medicine unless you are infected by serious virus. Again, antibiotics can kill good germs all together in your body which leads to lower your immune power. Once I was given antibiotic for a week to treat severe sore throat, before it gets treated, my tongue turn huge and filled entire mouth. It happened because necessary germs in my mouth got killed by antibiotic. And more symptoms rose after as I had no protection from good germs.

If you want to know how much our cleaning household products are polluting water, you may be interested in this picture book. It’s produced for children, but informative enough for adults to read.


How to deliver the message “It’s all about YOU”?

Without stimulating younger children’s anger towards “bad” grown ups, without asking for sympathy towards “poor” animals, this book will make them realized that you are the part of everything. YOU are causing pollution, YOU are the poor suffering animal, and YOU need to do what YOU can do.

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