Fermented Foods Fight Against Viruses

Why are the fermented foods good for your health? This is how I used to explain to my children.

“When foods are fermented by the nature’s power, good germs are born in the foods. You eat the good germs, they’ll stay in your body to fight against bad germs (viruses). So, even if bad germs successfully sneaked into your body, you wouldn’t get sick as long as the good germs are strong enough to protect you.”

Fermented vegetables are different from vinegar preserved pickles. Vinegar is also good for your health and can eliminate bacteria temporally. For example, if raw food you ate had not so strong bacteria in it, eating vinegar-ed food together could help you not getting severe food poisoning at the moment.

We are surrounded by full of viruses year around and don’t know when to expect the really bad one would strike you. When I was in 20’s, I caught every known seasonal flu regardless annual flu shots. People even joked about me that I was so fashionable being in the latest trends of viruses all the time. Flu shots were nothing but giving me a heavy pain on my arm, always made it swollen badly.

There are just too many viruses exist. Seasonal shot given is to prevent you from only one of the major expected viruses in each season. So, flu shot is like one bullet towards thousands of enemies, but how could I avoid being exposed to people while working in New York City? I couldn’t.

This applies to everybody. Only way is to have a strong immune system to survive.

What I’m going to tell you here is all from my own experiences. I’ve tried so many kinds of supplements, power foods, lemon and manuka honey, essential oils, cold shower….. tell me what I hadn’t tried. Out of all the things I experimented, nothing could beat the strength of fermented vegetables, the natural probiotic.

I could and continue seeing myself getting the obvious result with my homemade probiotic foods. My children never got cold or flu in school years when they were attending elementary school. (If I need to mention, my husband hardly catches flu or cold to begin with!)

Not only I feed my family the fermented vegetables everyday, when the flu season approaches, I prepare a shot glass of liquid from fermented vegetables as a booster, which we call a “Mom’s Flu Shot” in my family.

Want to start Lacto-Fermenting vegetables at home?

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