Who Celebrates Lunar New Year; Chinese, Koran, and Japanese?

Lunar New Year originated in China has been becoming a major events all over the world, and probably most of you have seen the Chinese celebrations in big cities near by.

Obviously, Lunar New Year is based on Lunar calendar, which Japan had completely dropped after the post war westernization and shifted to Gregorian calendar. People treat Lunar calendar like an ancient calendar. That’s shame. There are many seasonal celebrations based on Lunar calendar, however, seasons and meanings mixed up and don’t quite match because of the calendar adjustments.

On the other hand, Korea didn’t. People celebrate events based on Lunar calendar through out the year. I don’t see dragons dancing and hear fire works around the corners but people prepare new year foods and gifts.

One of the new year foods is dumpling which is popular next to rice cake soup. (Many times dumplings and rice cakes together in the same soup.) People eat dumplings any time of the year in Korea, but ever since we moved to Korea, I feel special eating homemade dumplings with family on Lunar New Year.

Want to try making your own dumpling/wonton wrappers? Check the super easy recipe here:

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