Nabe on New Years Eve 大晦日はお鍋!

🇺🇸ENG 🇯🇵日本語 Happy New Year in advance, my friends! We got only four hours to go in Seoul! 引きこもり大晦日にお鍋♪ ソウルは今朝、マイナス10度!

Subzero temperature today, NABE is the perfect dish to enjoy the long family night.

Do you know the difference between three major Japanese Hot Pots? Nabe, ShabuShabu, Sukiyaki… find it out in the BLOG post!

「今年のニューイヤーズイブは日本っぽくしようよ!」 とボーイズが言っていたので、まさにピッタリ。


……. ニラ!



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