Carrot Cake Loaf with Flax Seeds Atypical Recipe Tip

Carrot cakes are old time favorite of many people, and surely same to my children, they grew up with mama’s homemade carrot cupcakes. Now cupcakes are too small for them, it became a loaf and ingredients are also tweaked depends on the day.

The one I make often, instead of using Nutmeg, Flax Seeds are in as a nutrient booster. Flax seeds give a great flavor kick in baking goods and could replace nutmeg, which you may not feel from eating raw in granola.

The most important thing for my Carrot cake is to put stupidly crazy amount of carrots! Oats are also key for my carrot cake because I just love combination of oats and carrots. The loaf becomes much flavorful and nutritious for sure, too!

Lastly, as I always warn you in my baking posts, never use canola oil, which is chemically refined and not even natural or vegetable.

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