Vegan Apple Lemon Biscuit Pie Recipe

Biscuit and scones, something we crave for the afternoon, or even for the breakfast! For this biscuit pie, I try not to bake apples through, leaving little fresh crispiness. By doing so, not only keeping the enjoyable apple texture, it keeps the biscuit remained nicely dry from soaking with overly cooked apples’ liquid. By simply…

Game Controversial

This is what happened on the next day I said (or yelled), “You will be super dumb if you play video games too much!” Homemade board game has presented by boys, somewhat partially 3D. And the game rule was too complicated that I couldn’t play. It instantly made me the dumber than 9 year old…

Vegan Yogurt; Korean Non-Alcohol Makgeolli Recipe

Korean Makgeolli is well known milky white rice base alcohol beverage which has light sweet and fresh sour yogurt-ish flavor. I love the taste of it a lot but I am not very much of an alcohol drinker. If no alcohol, it’s a perfect daily probiotic drink for your gut health. Even better, it’s really…




もうすぐ新年度が始まりますね。こちら韓国の新年度は3月2日、既に始まって1か月になろうとしていますが、まだまだ寒い!朝夜はマイナスになります。春になると、一般的には新しいスタート、新しい自分、というイメージがあるので、外見がいつも以上に気になる時期ですよね。 男性でも女性でも、汚肌は最大の敵。季節の変わり目や新しい環境が、肌荒れに拍車をかける要因だと思われがちですが、普段からの小さな心掛けで、どんな環境でも、最小限に抑える事ができます。