Kids first? Not in here!

You may be curious by reading the past blog , how other parents reacted to the serious health issue at school. This story really represents how the society works and the reality of parenting in here.

Regarding the construction and health concerns, I asked around mothers via class chat group. Most kept their mouth shut (or don’t care), a few showed their concerns and were in deed worried but chose not to raise their voice. Meaning that the solution is to let kids swallow everything and wait till construction ends.

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Why? This is the scary part of society in Korea, and I would say it’s very similar in Japan, too.

Number one. It’s tiresome to deal with school, 귀찮아, the word you hear a lot from mothers. I don’t know if it’s relatively younger generation mother thing, many don’t put much efforts on kids, their own chicken & beer time is rather priority.

Number two, they don’t want to stand out in a wrong way, don’t want teachers to think that they are the annoying mothers. Protecting their own “image” is very important here. They also think that it will affect how teachers treat their children. And, because they are afraid of isolation, they say nothing and wait until the boss mom states her opinion. Bullying among mothers are serious, they unite very well and quickly promote a demonstration or two to remove certain group of people or target/isolate one person, if they see the obvious power balance.

Back to the main topic, the thing is that there are many situations children just have to swallow regardless issues are ethically right or not due to the above reasons. However, I have to say that the children with those mothers are luckier because they are at least aware of issues.

Now the third and worst…… many mothers don’t even know there are issues exist. This is because children and mothers in Korea are extremely lacking communications. Kids don’t have a chance to hug and tell mommy what’s bothering them at school.