Why Are Our Kids Shifting to Homeschooling in Korea?

Hooray! We are congratulating ourselves, kids’ grade year has finally, finally, finally ended, and celebrating my big decision……. Both kids are shifting to Homeschooling from this year! Kids can focus on learning, not mind exhausting and time wasting to deal with unnecessary issues at school.

We went through a lot especially in past two years at school, just to point a few out of hundreds, both kids had experiences with extreme immoral teachers in their 3rd grades. You won’t believe stories we have. We could bring issues to court if we wanted to, but we tried to be kind and save our time.

Not only immoral teachers’ issues, school had a long term add-on construction during the school year. That’s right, kids study in the “under-construction” site. And they say that is very “normal” in Korea! What about kids’ health?? Some kids (not ours) start showing the signs of asthma, but school requires the official doctor’s notes that proofs that your child “had” developed the actual asthma for them to have sick days approved.

As soon as the construction has began, I withdrew our kids out of school. Class teachers became very personal, but what more important is kids’ health, not the perfect attendance.

Spend all day in the construction site? Not an option. I was an architectural interior designer in New York, I know what it leads to. I pointed out the extreme threats on children’s small lungs, in reality, there were many court cases by construction workers in United States regards to the development of lung cancers. See, the macho construction workers with bigger lungs can get sick.

Whatever we said, the answer we got was “But everybody comes school, and having construction during school days is very common in Korea.”

For a year, I sent kids only important chapter test days, events, and so, to cover the minimum attendance. In a way, we were half way prepared for full homeschooling in the past year.

On top of the school problems, my older son is 2e gifted. It’s extremely difficult for gifted kids to be in a school environment to begin with. I know many parents and children in U.S. attend school with conflicts yet teachers are aware of what giftedness is. In here, they never heard of giftedness. There are no institution to proof or support on documents.

So, as he gets older, there were so much arguments developed between class teachers and him. He tries to fill up the missing knowledge of teachers in the class, teachers treat him as a rude kids and punish him all the time. From here, you can use your imaginations how things go everyday.

It was the matter of time to withdraw him from school anyway. So I did all together with the younger son who was extremely happy to shift homeschooling. He doesn’t have a specific symptoms of giftedness but he is a super perfectionist and mentally matured, being in a classroom with same age kids makes him very stressed.

I would say that the time has come to start homeschooling.

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