School and After-School Life of young children in Korea

I wish I have all of you to join us…. having my boys’ favorite Sashimi Lunch. Yes! I congratulate ourselves; kids’ grade year has finally, finally, finally ended! Kids and I had more than enough, celebrate my decision that we are shifting to Homeschooling for both kids from this year. Kids can focus on learning, not wasting their minds and time to deal with unnecessary issues at school.

We went through a lot especially in past two years, just to point few, both kids had extreme immoral teachers on their 3rd grade (You won’t believe stories we have. We could bring issues to court if we wanted to, but we tried to be kind), older one’s giftedness issue and teachers’ anger, school pursued construction during the school year (Hello? What about kids health?? Some kids developed asthma.)…. so exhausted.

I hear some mothers are also concerning and worried about problems but they choose not to raise their voice. Just let kids swallow everything. Even worse, many of mothers aren’t even aware of how teachers are treating kids. Why? Definitely lacking communications between moms and children.

Most of kids attend several after-school academies everyday in Korea. Academy shuttle buses wait in long line at school gate, kids hop on and are brought to an academy. The academy is in charge of bringing kids to next academy by shuttle bus. Or parents choose academies in a same building so that kids can go by themselves.

I see many kids eating instant food, playing games on the phone in break time or between academies outside. They go math, taekwondo, piano, english, swimming….., they are lower grade 6~8 years old. What time do kids go home? I’m sure it’s really late, for example, last swimming class is held at 9 to 10pm. School complains that kids don’t come to school on time and are hungry in the morning without breakfast. It’s obvious, kids’ schedule is overfilled, there’s no time or they are too exhausted to talk with parents. Just to add, this may be understandable for working mothers, but most aren’t.

So, the days just go on with or without problems at school. They are used to this “just let go” lifestyle, it’s very tiresome to stand up and deal with issues for them. Stresses are piling up inside children, then it is transforming to bullying others. You may have heard about serious and nasty bullying in Korea and Japan. In these two countries, the bad cultural behavior exists; children should listen to grown ups but grown ups don’t need to listen children. I see this is totally unhealthy.