Safe and Real Mayonnaise

(This article was originally posted in April 2018 on old website.)

Conventional Mayonnaise got serious issues of ingredients with food additives and GMO produces,  which many of you probably knew, but have you thought of that even Organic Mayonnaise may contains things that are really not good for your health?

I guess I made you dash to your pantry checking the back of a mayo jar.  Organic eggs, check, organic onion powders, check, organic apple cider vinegar, check…….

The problem is the type of oil. Major part of mayonnaise is oil,  little organic spices and a few organic eggs per jar is just a small part of whole mayonnaise. If your organic mayo is made with Canola oil or Soybean Oil, it’s a waste of other organic ingredients and you aren’t getting any benefit to your health.  If it’s a low fat, even worse.

Since I have children very sensitive to fat and oils, I’ve been researching deep. I can type out what I’ve learned for a day, but I keep it simple here for you.

I wouldn’t buy a mayonnaise made with Canola and Soybean oils, surely avoid using them in homemade mayonnaise.  Choose evoo and avocado oil instead. 

My personal favorite?  High quality flavorful evoo with onion powders and smoked paprika powders.   You can add other spices and herbs when you use it.

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