Veggie Quiche with No-Butter Crust

(This article was originally posted in March 2018 on old website.)

One popular family Sunday brunch menu, No-Pie Crust VEGGIE QUICHE.  ​Instead of pie crust, I place a thin layer of my vegan bread dough, along with plenty of HEMP SEEDS to boost the crustiness, absolutely NO BUTTER!

Filled with lots of SHITAKE mushrooms, ONION, SPINACH, TOMATOES, and GARLICS. No Cream either, substitute with Soy milk (homemade!) but little of Parmigiano Reggiano is fine with us. This was basically created for my children who have mild animal fat intolerance yet my husband and I also like it this way.  It doesn’t leave us feeling of oily and stuffy after eating.

Time saving tip; Whenever I could get fresh Shitake mushrooms, slice them up and toss with sea salts & evoo or sesame oil, then store them in air tight container. Fridge or freezer depends on your cooking plan. Shitakes are very sensitive, become either dried in pantry basket or mushy in fridge very fast. ​

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