No-Bake Tofu Strawberry Jelly Cake (Vegan)

(This article was originally posted in April 2018 on old website.)

Jelly Cake flavored with fresh strawberries and tangerine squeeze, made with Vegan gelatin and Tofu.

This is not precisely a “raw” cake, as ingredients were heated once in sauce pan. It’s better if “raw” isn’t the option, for example, dessert for kids’ lunch box, much safer to carry around for few hours without worrying about food poisoning.

​To make it vegan without using gelatin which is animal based,  agar agar is used.  Agar agar is seaweed, used in Asian desserts traditionally to make form of jelly.  Same to animal based gelatin, agar agar needs to be heated and dissolved in liquid. 

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