Benefits of Homemade Hazelnut Milk

(This article was originally posted in July 2017 on old website.)

Homemade HAZELNUT MILK, tastes wonderful with coffee in the morning!  I know its gorgeous nutty fragrance and all that, but have you thought of what else you get by making vegan milks at home?

I’ve been suffering from finding unflavored/ unsweetened cow milk alternatives here in Korea, and the best I could find was Soy Milk which my family are not crazy about.  So I decided making my own vegan milks at home.  Good thing is that I found out getting seeds and nuts is pretty easy here in Korean markets.

Making vegan milk at home isn’t difficult at all and so much benefits to come with.  You get control of choosing ingredients (like Organically grown and NonGMOs), always the freshest,  and I can use left over pulps as nut flours for baking goods.  

See? Perfect healthy kids snack!  So easy, I just modified flour part of Banana Bread and it turned  HAZELNUT BANANA CAKE.  When using Hazelnut flour, reducing vanilla extracts, cinnamon, and nutmeg would emphasize natural hazel nut flavor better.

How to make nut flour?  Dehydrate the pulp well in the oven and store in the air tight container.  I think it’s fine for several days in fridge if you don’t bake everyday.  In our case, this procedure isn’t even necessary.  I usually bake at the same time whenever I make nut milks.

One more thing what I really like about and very important to me is that you can reduce massive amount of package waste and recycling of store bought paper and plastic containers. 

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