Which Oils to Use? For the Best Delicious Moist Muffins

(This article was originally posted in June 2018 on old website.)

BLUEBERRY YOGURT MUFFINS!  Muffins muffins muffins, one of the favorite American treats for many in the world. So moist and sweet, not resistible, right?  How to make them so moist?  No doubt, thanks to oil. One third of a muffin’s ingredient is oil, regardless what type of oils you use. If you bake, you know it.

I don’t want to scare you from the beginning, so let’s begin with what “Good” stuff in my muffins.  Surely Blueberries and organic additive-free yogurt. Finely Ground Almonds, Hemp Seeds, Chia Seeds, Oats, and Aronia Powder.  Sounds very nice, isn’t it?  These take about 2/3 of ingredients.

The most important things is what is the “Bad” stuff I don’t put. It is a Vegetable Oil. Muffins contains large amount of vegetable oil. Most of vegetable oils are chemically refined whatever the ingredients are, meaning not good. They oxidize your body a lot and fast, make you to look older than your age.

I would say definitely no to Canola because Canola isn’t natural plant, it’s a man-made, and Soybean because almost 100% are sourced from GMO beans.

These and other unknown source oils are as bad as food additives which cause allergic reactions.  Like as my kids, ditching bad oils from their diet results a great improvement on their symptoms. Also, regardless good or bad oils, we need to be careful not to get used to consume overly moist baking goods.  Once your body has trained, you will feel disgusted when oil intake exceeds more than your body needs. 

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