Overestimated!? Do Smoothie or Not Do Smoothie?

(This article was originally posted in April 2018 on old website.)

Don’t be surprised that I don’t do smoothie often.  Yes smoothie contains whole list of goodies  and is believed to do only positive things to your body. But not really.  Too much raw vegetables and fruits would chill the core of your body which all ladies should avoid. Only the exception is, if you are physically very active throughout a day like a full time gym instructor, there isn’t much problem.

In eastern medicine philosophy, the common teaching is to give a heat to vegetables. Traditionally in Japan before salad culture from west came in, only few vegetables like cucumbers are OK to eat raw only in summer.  Now, what about fruits?

​Obviously, fruits don’t warm your body. Although not every fruits would chill your body, the key is to limit the amount of them, especially smoothies.  Eating one orange vs drinking one juiced orange, which is easier and faster to go into your stomach?  I see people drinking a jumbo jar of smoothie, let’s think how much of whole fruits in a cup. Again, if your body is constantly over heated, it’s not so bad.  However, it is still nice to avoid fruits that aren’t in season in your area especially in winter.

Here are neutral fruits that I recommend you to keep in your mind; apples and strawberries! As you hear all the time that one apple a day keeps doctors away, apples are good. (But you see? “One” a day is more than enough.) It’s interesting that these are my younger son’s top 2 favorites and I tell you that he likes to keep himself warm a lot more than other kids.  Probably it’s the nature thing.

Lastly and unfortunately, I have to mention about the very negative thing about apples and strawberries. They are known for the highest pesticide-used fruits for years, in deed, they never dropped out of top 5. If you would like to check yourself, here is the full list of top pesticide-used fruits and vegetables. 

Top Pesticide-Used Produces: Dirty Dozen >>

List created by Environmental Working Group 

The best bet is to choose non-pesticide or organic produce, and be sustainable!

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