Sustainable Hotel and Toothbrush

(This article was originally posted in July 2017 on old website.)

If you know me, sometimes you get curious what I’m looking at.  Not much to worry about, I’m just spacing out. ​It seems like that I do this very often according to my husband, and “Your head must be full of crazy details that most of people don’t even imagine” he says. Ummm, he is not wrong.

Not only about designs, I was thinking about sustainability of the hotel.  Yes, how eco-friendly the hotel is very important to me.  As this hotel is French chain, my expectation was higher.

What do I check? Provide online newspaper instead of physical ones, descent amount of towels and amenities, auto AC-off when windows are opened for a certain amount of time, low water pressure, bed linen changing options….. pretty good here over all.

​Only disappointment was disposable toothbrush & toothpaste sets. I feel big big sorry to this as a Japanese as it’s happening because of high demands by Japanese tourists. The dental set is a standard amenity in hotels in Japan, and I am aware that many Japanese tourists often complain on its absence in foreign countries.

I also blog in Japanese, even little by little, I hope I would be able to convince people to understand the negative impacts to the environment caused by unnecessary disposal toothbrushes.

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