Vegan Ice Cream; What I don’t get from Nicecream

(This article was originally posted in July 2017 on old website.)

I get a shoulder-ache from eating Ice Creams.  You say, What? not a headache? That’s right, pain on my shoulders, and it isn’t from icy temperature. Things in Ice Creams are the cause of pains which I don’t get from my Nicecream. 

Let’s check what’s in my Nicecreams; pretty simple, made with only fresh fruits. I use whatever is seasonal, the picture for example is the combination of Nectarines, Red Plums, Kiwis, and Bananas. Sugar or any sweetener not necessary, just make sure to include ripe sweet bananas. So creamy!

You just found out what’s in my Nicecreams, now what is the main ingredient of regular ice creams? Fat. If you are lucky, real cream.  If not, soybean oil. These “fat” are the cause of my shoulder-ache. Did you know that your digestive systems and shoulders are connected? My body doesn’t digest high level of fat very well, we can call it a mild version of fat-intolerance.  If you suffer from constant shoulder-ache or neck pain which you believe that you got from sleeping wrong side, try cutting high fat from your diet. 

Mass-produced Ice Creams are made with soybean oil, not cream, to reduce costs.  And there  are artificial flavors, artificial colorings, artificial sweeteners, stabilizers, preservatives, and unknown “natural flavors” that we never get informed what exactly they are. Can you tell what is the worst thing among them all?  Soybean oil.  Some believe that it’s better than cream in terms of calories and cholesterol.   This is what we need to watch out.  Most of soybean oils are made of GMO soybeans in the world, especially for low cost ice creams, I would guess it’s 100%.  I have a separate article for soybean oil, so I won’t go over everything here, but you got a idea what is happening in the mass-produced ice creams.

Rest of additives could cause all different types of discomforts for sensitive people, like my children.  Small kids can get fussy after eating ice creams.  We need to recognize that giving ice creams isn’t always the solution to make kids happy. 

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