Modern Policy

(This article was originally posted in June. 2017 on old website.)

The standard of Healthy Lifestyle has been gone up much higher than past 10 years but the one thing that many people are not concerning is healthy family relationship. I’m just back from family vacation and have been off from SNS completely. I know the fun part of being on SNS is “current” but why not to post your vacation pictures after you came back home. 

My policy of family vacation is not to touch smartphone.  During vacations, I take 98% of photos with camera, just like an old school but I don’t even check them till we get back home. I rather spending each moment with my family.

I really feel sad seeing everyone at a dining table in restaurants or cafes, assuming that they are groups of family or friends, is passionate about posting pictures on SNS without conversations.

For example this time, I saw three families at one dinner table together with small children. Three sets of parents were all on smartphones, kids were bored to death. On the last vacation, two ladies were at a breakfast in a complete silence. They both were keep re-taking pictures of breakfast dishes and posting on SNS.  I really wanted to say “Girls, enjoy the food, the gorgeous view, and the friendship!”

There are much more things to look at.  See the picture?  Cute little Hermit Crab visited our kids, and they played together for good 2 hours.

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