Easy Homemaking 101: Cleaning Basics

(This article was originally posted in Dec. 2017 on old website.)

I’ve been an individual activist of sustainable lifestyle for past 18 years, and from the perspective, I’m hoping that no one uses harsh chemical driven cleaning products. Back 20 years ago, it wasn’t easy to make people understand how bad chemicals are. Now, most of people are aware of the part but not everyone has shifted yet. Why?  There are several reasons I hear, among of those I want to bring out one interesting observation.

Although it’s very nice to see creative green cleaning, we need to recognize that, in reality, the fancy complicated DIY home cleaning how-to’s are one of the reasons making many people intimidated and stepped out before trying.  Not everybody enjoys fancy homemaking, even worse, it’s annoying for some.  Essential oils (FYI, I don’t hate them. I love them!), detailed measurement of mixtures, pretty bottles, pretty tags, ribbons, and pretty whatever. What I’m trying to say is that “everybody is different”.  So, this is what I tell;

  • Vinegar Water (50/50 eyeballing, no need to measure)
  • Baking Soda
  • Sea Salt Water (No need to measure, either.  As long as salt dissolves, it’s fine)

I clean everywhere in the house with these. We never had food poisoning or any bacterial troubles. Many of you may use vinegar and baking soda, but have you tried sea salt?

Dissolve sea salt in water, wet a cloth and wipe floor. Natural salt purifies things, not only surfaces, also souls. Do this on your entry floor and feel the power of nature. Bad souls vanished and good luck comes in. 

In Japan, people locate small amount of salt mountain in the corner of entry to avoid bad souls coming in.  Haven’t you seen it in Japanese restaurants? Also national sport, Sumo wrestling, wrestlers throw handful of salts before each match.  They don’t want bad souls do tricks on them. 

Let me know if anything good, small or big, happened to you!

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